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Capital University Student Radio

Want to be a part of WXCU Radio? We would love to have you on board!

Being On-Air

WXCU is open to all Capital University students. We look for students that are passionate about what they do. On WXCU, DJs choose their own format from the standard “Top 40 host” experience to sports talk.

Capital University allows its DJs to take part in the radio station to earn credit, or simply as an extracurricular activity.

Our DJs host regular shifts throughout the week. If you like music, you can play music and talk about it. If you want to talk about movies, your classes, or even pretend to be from a different country, you can do that too. WXCU is all about making the best use of YOUR TIME on-air.

Our DJs use the same hardware and software that professional, commercial radio stations all around the world use. From mixing boards and microphones, to the Station Playlist song selector.


Being a part of WXCU is more than being in a studio running a radio station. WXCU also hosts several events on Capital University’s campus throughout the year. Check our Events page for the latest.


WXCU is also looking for people that are interested in marketing and promotion. If you need a project for your marketing class, WXCU can help. Promote things that interest you on-air. Or simply advertise WXCU itself.


WXCUradio.com is completely student-run as well. If you are interested in running a website then you are welcome to be a part of our Website Content Team. We are currently looking for regular media and content. Ever wanted to write reviews about albums you love (or hate), have your photographs posted online, or even interview bands? WXCUradio.com has all of that and more.

If you are interested in having your reviews, photos, or videos featured on WXCUradio.com,
please let us know.

If any of this sounds exciting to you, then we can’t wait to have you on our team.

More Information

To join WXCU Radio, students should sign up for EMF-100 (or EMF-300 for Management) on WebAdvisor. Contact our advisor Betsy Pike if you have any questions.

A sample syllabus for the course is available here.

WXCU Radio is Capital University's student-run online radio station.

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