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Calvin Harris – “My Way”

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Release Date: September 15, 2016
Label: Sony Music Entertainment UK

This week our Pop Music Director Rachel takes a look at the Hidden Meanings and #juicy gossip inside Calvin Harris’ latest single “My Way”. Got any pop music tips? Feel free to hit up rachel at pop@wxcuradio.com !

Almost anyone who is up to date with the media knows that Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift recently got out of a relationship. Taylor is definitely known for whipping out songs about her ex’s, but would Calvin Harris prove to parallel Taylor’s actions? This was the question everyone was asking when Calvin Harris dropped his new single, “My Way”, last Friday on September 162016.

Calvin Harris is not known for singing on his own releases, however, with this particular single, Harris decided to sing his lyrics. The single “My Way” features Harris’s own vocals tracked along with a synth riff, pop drums, mellow bass line, piano chords, and group background vocals. Overall the song is very simple with a repetitive chorus which repeats, “You were the one thing in my way”. However, the outstanding music production of the song keeps the listener intrigued with each new element of the song. This single is easy on the ear and is susceptible to getting stuck in your head.

As for the meaning of the song and its relation to Taylor Swift, that is left up to interpretation. In an interview with iHeartRadio, Calvin Harris talks about the meaning of the song where he states that the song exemplifies the feeling of realization you get when you get out of a particular situation that you once thought was good for you; after you overcome the situation, you realize that you are free of its burden and in a better place. Although never directly stated in the interview, many fans of Calvin Harris believe the song is indeed about Harris’s recent break up with Taylor Swift.

Listen to the song yourself on WXCU Radio and decide what you think the meaning of the song is!

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