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CRYING – “Wool in the Wash”

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Release Date: August 26, 2016
Label: Run for Cover Records

This year at WXCU, our Music Directors will be doing weekly music reviews on some of the favorite releases that are getting played on WXCUUp first is Matt McCroskey, our head Music Director, with his hot take on a new single by Brooklyn’s indie power-pop band CRYING. They’ll be releasing a new album on Run For Cover Records on 10/14/16 called Beyond the Fleeting Gates.



It seems fitting that the first song up for review for WXCU comes from a band that I originally discovered during my freshman year through WXCU! I first heard Crying, a Brooklyn Based indie power-pop band currently on Run for Cover records, during an interview with Modern Baseball that WXCU (listen here) Alums Ryan Gates and Wes Meadows did in Fall 2014. From the first moment I heard the opening 8-bit game boy drone from the opening of “Bodega Run” off their first EP Get Olde, I was hooked. Their sound has always combined great pop melodies driven from


This song, “Wool in the Wash”, takes it all to the next level. Trading in Game Boys for glassy high-fidelity synths and lo-fi production for a polished stadium rock sound, this song might be one of the strongest things this band has put out yet. It begins in such laidback and carefree manner with a solid bassline drums that become washed over with lush synth guitars and a little pan flute synth melody that follows lead vocalist Elaiza Santos’ effortlessly cool vocals. Once the chorus hits, it gets HUGE with fuzzed-out power chords paying homage to power pop icons like Weezer. From here, guitars transform the laid-back sound of the first verse to a powerful pop anthem worth dancing to. Santos’ motivational lyrics make this the perfect pump up jam for any large Sports Game / Big Exam / Other Daunting Task you have to do soon!

This track makes a huge statement on the new, polished sound that will be prevalent on their upcoming album Beyond the Fleeting Gates, out October 24th. You can also catch Crying in Columbus on their fall tour on 11/2/16 at Double Happiness, and hear this track be spun on WXCU next week!!

Tune in next week for another review from WXCU!

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