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Disappear Here

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Release Date: September 16, 2016
Label: Vagrant Records

In this week’s review, Assistant Music Director Jenna Jaworski takes a look back at SoCal band Bad Suns album from last September Called Disappear Here. They’ll be in Columbus coming up on June 19th at A&R Music Bar! Hope to see you there!

The Bad Suns are an alternative rock band formed in 2012 from Southern California. The band consists of vocalist Christo Bowman, bassist Gavin Bennett, guitarist Ray Libby, and drummer Miles Morris. This album, Disappear Here, is their second studio album, released in September of 2016. What I like about the band is that they’re very consistent with their songs. Their album doesn’t fluctuate across genres, they have a particular sound and they stay consistent with it. They also have the tricky skill of creating songs that sound similar and cohesive without having them all sound like the same song.

The first song that caught my attention was Violet. The harmonies backing the lead vocal on this song are absolutely gorgeous. When listening to “Maybe We’re Meant To Be Alone,” listen for the incredible spring reverb sound Libby achieved on the guitar. As a bassist, I love how Bennett uses it in their songs. In most of their songs, like ‘Swimming in Moonlight’ and ‘Even In My Dreams, I Can’t Win’, the bass parts are dynamic and constantly moving around, adding to the drive and energy of each of their songs.

I fell in love with the band after hearing their first EP Transpose released in 2014, so I was super excited for this album to come out. For more information about the band, check ‘em out at http://badsuns.tumblr.com/, or you can see them on their Heartbreaker tour this spring.

Thanks for reading! Check back next Wednesday for a HOT new song that YOU need to hear!

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