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Dowsing / Ratboys Split

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Release Date: September 9, 2016
Label: Topshelf Records

Sorry we haven’t had a review in awhile! This week, Punk Director and host of “The World’s Worst Pop Punk Show” Jessi Bennett takes a look at Dowsing and Ratboys’ new split EP out now on Topshelf records. If you have a tip for her / future reviews, give her an email at punk@wxcuradio.com 


Ratboys and Dowsing are bands that are brand new to me! I found them while digging through music looking for some new tunes for WXCU to start streaming. Needless to say, I added them to our system and you can hear them here on WXCU as of Monday of this week. The album features two songs by each band, and was released this month to coincide with their USA and Europe tour. The bands are both Chicago-based and they have one more thing in common. Punk vocals! You can see RATBOYS at Double Happiness in Columbus November 13th alongside Sorority Noise and Free throw, so definitely try to make it out (Get your tickets here) – I’m sure I’ll see all of you Pop Punk kids there.

One of my favorites off the split was Dowsing’s “Pass”. It starts with a lighter introduction – but worry not Pop Punk lovers it still retains the much needed angsty vocals. Then the guitars kick it up a notch. It keeps a laid back tempo throughout the song but never once feels slow, as the bands tend to write all of their music to be played on the front of the beat giving it that driving tempo feeling that all fans of Punk music love so much. The soft intro might lead you to expect a soft outro – but that was intentionally misleading (and very tastefully done in my opinion). The song as a whole is pretty treble heavy which definitely helps to focus the listener on the rough lead vocal tone.


This track is a great representation of this band’s sound – and is some solid proof that Pop Punk is NOT dead. Check them out on Bandcamp and make sure to give them a like on Facebook. See you guys at their show at Double Happiness in Columbus on November thirteenth.

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