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“Orange Colored Queen”

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Release Date: January 27, 2017
Label: Drag City

This Week, Punk music director Alex Stemple talks about one of the standout tracks on Ty Segall’s newest self titled album!! You can hear “Orange Colored Queen” and “Break a Guitar” in rotation NOW at WXCU!!

Ty Segall is the one-man punky garage rocker but for this single, Orange Color Queen, the first single released for his 9th studio album “Ty Segall”, he decides to take a step back from what he’s best known for and go towards a more melodic and almost Beatles (Revolver) type of feel. The main reason could be instead of shredding on an ultra fuzzed out guitar he decides to pick up the acoustic guitar and his vocal approach is a lot calmer and really shows how strong of a vocalist he is as well. It’s around 1:53 that you get the first and only glimpse of an electric guitar but the overall solo adds emotion as well as shear color to this song. This single is hands down one of my personal favorites he has released and really just proves how talented of an artist Ty Segall really is.

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