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Get to Know the Bands of CapJam: a Larger than Life Interview

In preparation for Tomorrow’s annual CapJam celebration that’s happening on the practice fields behind the student union, we here at WXCU thought it would be a good idea to take a virtual sit down with the 5 acts that will be performing at CapJam from 1-5PM tomorrow and ask them some hard-hitting questions about Big Things, Studying Tips, Songs of the Summer, and More!


What is the Largest thing that you have encountered in your life?

Amherst (Future Funk Producer playing at 3:45)– 24 ounce can of red bull

Neuhues (Poppin’ DJ playing at 2:15) – The earth’s crust.

The Plebeians (Indie Rock Darlings playing at 1:30PM) – probably the housing market crash

The Bascinets (Indie Rock Sweethearts playing at 4:30 PM)  – a tie between “Clifford the Big Red Dog”, “Tristan’s big ego”, and “Liam’s Big Stink”

Island//Education (Funky Jokesters playing at  3PM) – Beth Paul’s limitless desire to help capital and its surrounding community.

President Beth Paul

We Love President Paul!!!

Do you have any studying tips for finals coming up in a few weeks?

Island//Education– Just get A’s and you’ll be fine

The Bascinets – Use number 3 pencils to get an extra leg up on the competition.

Neuhues – Do more than tell yourself you should study, and order copious amounts of food

The Plebeians– Learn how to properly spell our name T-H-E *space* P-L-E-B-E-I-A-N-S

Amherst – get your hands on a copy of “an extremely goofy movie,” the direct to vhs sequel to a goofy movie. if you watch the movie there’s this studying montage where goofy is like doing pushups while reading books and stuff. study this montage and learn from it.

an Extremely Goofy Movie is objectively a disney classic don't fight me about it


What do you think the “Song of the Summer” will be in 2017?

Amherst – “Paralyzer” by finger eleven

Neuhues – “Africa” by Toto

Island // Education – “Fat” by Weird Al

The Plebeians – Hopefully some super song mashup between Nickelback and Limp Bizkit

The Bascinets – I dunno, but hopefully some type of collab between Soulja Boy and Michael McDonald.

Why should people come see you at CapJam?

The Plebeians – People should come see us at capjam because we’re fun, exciting, and ridiculously attractive

The Bascinets – We promise poorly executed banter between every song.

Neuhues –  Because large PAs and Subs are always your friends. And you wouldn’t want to let your friends down.

Amherst – i stole the rig that icp uses at their shows to spray the audience with faygo and i might break it out if the mob of juggalos that has been trying to track me down for the last 3 months doesn’t catch me before saturday

Island // Education   They really shouldn’t

Thanks for reading!! Catch all 5 bands along with FREE FOOD TRUCKS, INFLATABLES, GIVEAWAYS and MORE this Saturday from 1-5PM at CapJam!!

Come to CapJam This Saturday!

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