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F**K THE FACTS at Spacebar 11/20/15



On a cold November night F**k The Facts came to Columbus to melt faces at the Spacebar, supporting their latest full length Desire Will Rot. FTF is from Québec and was started as a recording project in the late ’90s. Since then, after a number of lineup changes, they’ve seemed to fall into their groove of experimental/metal/grindcore brutal bliss. FTF’s live sound is truly authentic and holds firm to the organic aesthetic expressed on their albums. FTF shredded through their set with a brutal unrelenting force reminiscent of a freight train on speed. Personally I would say although the crowd wasn’t huge, this was easily one of the best metal shows that I’ve seen. People weren’t terribly wild but when you witness a beer can getting violently smashed in a dudes face and he just keeps on headbanging, thats pretty metal. Overall FTF put on an amazing show. Before I knew it they’d finished playing. It was a great time and I definitely suggest anyone to go and see them. Check out their bandcamp and pick up their latest album Desire Will Rot also.

Heres an interview I did with Topon, FTF’s guitarist.




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