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Nelsonville Music Festival Day 1 – 6/1/17

This was my first time ever being to Nelsonville music fest, and let me say it started off with a bang!!! After parking my car and getting inside, I stuck around the main stage to see a LOT of really cool bands including Big Thief, Parquet Courts, and Conor Oberst. Not pictured in this gallery but who put on an AMAZING SHOW (my camera died halfway through Conor’s set) was RON GALLO at the Porch stage!



I found this band that’s releasing their upcoming album on Saddle Creek records next week back in April when their single “Mythological Beauty” came across my inbox here at WXCU. The track is so simple, beautiful, haunting, and a little bit catchy too. When I found out this band was playing Nelsonville, I was very pleasantly surprised to make it in time for their set on the Main Stage. They opened up with “Mythological Beauty” and played an hour’s set of songs off their new record Capacity, as well as some stuff earlier in their discography. 3/4 of the way through their set, someone in the crowd fainted from heat stroke, which left a very awkward and concerned time as the audience, security, and the band kind of waited anxiously for paramedics to come. After a longer than normal tuning break and the arrival of paramedics, the faintee was able to get help and they were able to cap off a beautiful set.


The Brooklyn slacker art-punks drove down from the Big Apple yesterday to put on an AWESOME set at Nelsonville. The band, who put out their newest record Human Performance last year on Rough Trade records, played a mix of songs from all of their albums to the crowd. On the way down, the band told the audience that they stopped at 2 wawa’s and 1 sheetz gas station, which led to some divisive response between the two gas station fast food joints (I’m feelin’ the love for #teamsheetz every day). Beyond that, they also played their song “Captive of the Sun” sans the remix version that features UGK member Bun B rapping. Their second to last song was a slow burning jam, but I think they lost track of their Borrowed Time (See that pun?!?!?!), and had to rush to play their last song to keep on Schedule for Conor Oberst’s performance next



The former front man of Bright Eyes and incredible songwriter played an incredible set at Nelsonville yesterday. Playing songs spanning both his solo discography (including his new album Salutations that features the track “Too Late to Fixate” that we play here on WXCU) and some classic Bright Eyes tracks (including a weirdly large proportion of tracks off of Cassadaga), Oberst reaffirmed in me his incredible songwriting talent and ability through some heartwrenching and aweome songs. During his two song encore, he played an angsty “new song” on solo piano, as well as one more banger to close out the night (I wish I knew Conor Oberst song titles better because I could be more specific but that’s what I’ve got).



Ron Gallo’s 11PM set at the porch stage was EASILY the biggest surprise I had of the night. Only really knowing him from his hit single “Young Lady You’re Scaring Me”, I was unexepectedly surprised for the 3 piece’s incredible skill and wild showmanship. This set was lit completely by 2 projectors running a Live, old-school liquid light show that made the entire set a psychadelic experience. In addition to garage rock jams, some of his songs hinted at post punk streams of consiousness and included a brief trip for Gallo through the crowd and back in the middle of the set. After playing “Young Lady….” to close his set, the band immediately went into a cover of the Beatles’ “Helter Skelter”, which marks the first time I’ve ever seen anyone try to mosh to the Beatles. Overall, it was an incredible experience and I really regret not being able to use my camera to shoot this set (I might try and upload some photos from my phone I took from the set)


Stay Tuned all this weekend for more updates from Nelsonville Music Fest!!

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