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Halestorm at LC Pavillion 9/14/15


As a new fan of hard rock, Halestorm has come out strong as one of my favorite groups. On Wednesday Sept. 14, Halestorm rocked the LC pavilion in downtown Columbus with an almost sell-out crowd. Without an opening act, Lzzy, powerhouse lead singer, warmed up the audience by playing a few solo songs on a baby grand piano. The rest of the band joined her to play a killer acoustic set including Mz. Hyde and Apocalyptic. Even as a huge advocate of females in the music industry, I am extremely critical of women ‘frontmen,’  because they are portrayed as two stereotypes: the princess or the bitch.  Instead, Lzzy embodied a cool older sister than either of the previous stereotypes.  The band took a short break to transition into their classic style of hard rock.

One major highlight of the night was Lzzy’s kid brother and epic drummer,  Arejay doing tuck jumps while playing his two minute drum solo. Not only did his solo include jumping jacks, but jumbo drumsticks and glow in the dark drumsticks and set.  Usually I am not a fan of overly long drum solos, but Arejay’s solo was entertaining, catchy and full of audience involvement.  The Hale siblings did outshine their other band mates, guitarist Joe Hottinger and Bassist Josh Smith.  The band did a great job mixing their newest album, a bluegrass spin on their music, Into The Wild, with their ‘80s metal rock influences of their 2012 album, The Strange Case Of… and 2009 self-titled album, Halestorm. Overall, the band put on a show that was worth more than the $20 admission price tag and truly impressed this novice hard rock fan. Halestorm is a must see band.

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