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Interview with Tacocat

Tacocat. Let me say it backwards. Tacocat. When I first read the name, I instantly smiled. “That’s clever!” I thought. A while back, we added their song “Crimson Wave” to our rotation, and I enjoyed it. And when I found out they wanted to do an interview on WXCU during their stop in Columbus, I jumped at the chance. I started digging through their music and my smile seemed permanently fixed on my face the whole time. Yesterday, the four-piece band spent some time with us giving an interview for our listeners. You can read highlights from the interview below. Or for maximum excitement, listen to the full 35-minute interview, for discussion of 80’s movies, snuggies, scenic Delware and more!

The Interview

The Highlights

Tacocat is:
Bree McKenna – Bass guitar
Eric Randall – Real guitar
Lelah Maupin – Drum-guitar
Emily Nokes – Sing, dance, tambourine…to the guitar

Where did you get the inspiration for your name?
Bree: I wrote down a few palindromes, and Tacocat make me laugh. I thought it would make a good band name. I was told that was something an eight-year old would name their band. Bingo!

Can you tell us about your music video for “Crimson Wave?”
Emily: It was so fun. It was also really cold.
Bree: We shot it in a really cold warehouse that was particularly freezing that day.
Eric: We told everyone to get in beach clothes and in between takes, everyone was huddled around a tiny space heater.
Emily: Our friend Marcy Stone-Francois came up with the idea and put the whole thing together. We also orchestrated a balloon drop for the video!
Lelah: The only thing I wanted from the video was a choreographed dance. I think want to have a dance in every video, although our next video won’t. Definitely next time!

UPDATE: Watch Tacocat’s new video for their street harassment song “Hey Girl” here.

How is your tour going?
Bree: The only hiccup is that we all got a little sick at one point.
Eric: And you don’t really have time to be sick when you’re touring and driving around and busy. Seems like it all came from a show in an Alabama strip mall bar where everyone was smoking.
Lelah: We met someone at a show in San Diego who was on our first tour ever. We had to get a picture with him.

How does touring back then compare to touring now?
Bree: We know what we’re doing now!
Eric: There were no smartphones.
Lelah: We would print out directions from MapQuest.
Eric: We pretty much had a booklet of MapQuest directions for the whole tour, from venue to venue.

Can you talk about your songwriting process?
Eric: Our process is very collaborative.
Bree: I’ll come up with some things, and then Eric will come in with some awesome ideas for some sick guitar parts, or Emily will have a melody. Everyone just adds their own part.
Lelah: Sometimes we will record some instrumentals with our cell phone and then send it to Emily.
Emily: I love getting a hot cell phone recording!

What separates you from other bands?
We’re all really good friends. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.




The Good Stuff

The video:

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